News & Updates

Sorry, friends. Your boy Chris has been moving & had major computer issues over the past
week, so this place has suffered from a lack of updates. That said, allow us to catch up:
While the show was live on RadioBBQ last Monday (6/27/05), due to Chris' computer issues,
we have no recording of the show for the archives. Too bad, because the show was a beauty.
As for last Wednesday, we ran an archived show as the entire Lodge helped Chris move (this
kid is a pain in the ass, huh?). We will be back live tonight, with an announcement that will
change the dynamic of the show forever, so you better tune in.
Thanks for your patience with our unprofessionalism.

We've got some new stuff in the Links section (like the snazzy copy & paste code for
you webmasters out there looking to link to us). We've also added our MySpace profile
to the Interact section. Befriend us, won't you? Lastly, be sure to grab the older
stuff in the Download section while you still can. With our library quickly expanding,
we're going to be taking down the older shows to make room for the new ones.
The removals will begin this coming Wednesday, so start downloading.
**Please Note**
In an effort to eliminate unneccesary posts in the News section, we will no longer be
announcing when new shows are available in the archive section, as they will always
be uploaded 1-2 hours after a live show. Rather, we will only post here when there is
a problem getting shows on the site

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for your lodge brothers with website problems
that you already know about. Thankfully, that's been rectified and the site is back
in business (obviously, or you wouldn't be reading this). But all of our news isn't
bad. Quite the contrary. As you may already know, we're no longer "employees"
of Megaforce Radio, as the new home for The Brown Lodge is Radio BBQ. Who
would've thought we'd be getting picked up by other stations this soon? NICE!!!
We did our first shows there this past week. Downloads are available in the archive.
Yeah, that was Shows with an "S" at the end, as in we do more than one a week now.
With this change of venue, comes more change. The boys at the BBQ want us more
than once a week. So now you can catch us live every Mon. & Wed. (8-10pm ET),
and hit up the 'Best Of' that runs every Sat. (4-6pm ET). That's it for now. If you
get a chance, hit us with some feedback via The New Forum at, E-mail
or our old message board to let us know how to make the show more gooder.

This week's episode of The Brown Lodge is up in the archives, and running on a loop on
the "Listen" page. Be sure to check it out. We're still working on getting a decent
quality version of last week's show up. We'll let you know as soon as we get it.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we've been toying around with broadcasting at different
times. As a result, there were a couple of different episodes this week to see how
things could work. Unfortunately, as most of our technical problems this week revolved
around our recording equipment, we don't know how much (if any) of these shows will be
available for download in our archives. We'll let you know as soon as we figure out
what's salvagable. Sorry for the inconsistency, we're just still working out our
growing pains here.

So, despite numerous technical difficulties, The Brown Lodge is up and running.
For now, the show will be running live every Sunday from 12-2pm. Please bear with
us as we iron out the technical kinks over the 1st few shows. When we're not live,
the most recent show will be replaying unless we're throwing some other programming
out there (which will be happening more often than you'd expect). Check out the
rest of the site, and let us know what you think would make The Brown Lodge better.